Our strategy

Last update :08 / 12 / 2016


Close cooperation to shape
tomorrow’s companies

In a society that is undergoing profound change, with a volatile and competitive economic environment, our mission remains the same: to be an active and professional shareholder that accelerates the transformation of adaptable, enhanced and globalized SMEs and ISBs. To meet the new challenges that are confronting both private equity and European SMEs, we uphold an approach that is attractive, adaptable and responsible.



To be appealing, is to be a privileged partner to investors and entrepreneurs. Pursuing the investment strategy that we have implemented over the last 10 years, Eurazeo PME remains a long-term and majority professional shareholder that invests in French SMEs valued at between €50 and €200 million. With the success of the Eurazeo PME II capital-raising, of €520 million, €364 million provided by Eurazeo and €156 million raised with French and international institutional investors, Eurazeo PME can carry out new and promising investments.

Our objective is to pursue this momentum and offer our investors an internal rate of return that is among the market’s best. We pledge to accompany SMEs with strong growth potential, particularly at the international level, to accelerate their transformation by providing them the necessary financial resources and our expertise. The company profile we are seeking remains the same: significant maturity in the core business, quality management, recurring cash flows and solid growth prospects, particularly on the international front. Thanks to the financial and human resources we provide, companies can transform themselves over the long term and thus increase their value. Finally, we ensure that our network of institutional investors has a diversified mix of European and American players, backed by our rigorous management and reporting transparency. 

“In its constant search for new teams, Eurazeo PME allows us to invest in the French mid-market, a priority for AlpInvest in Europe. The top-notch team combines working experience alongside local business leaders with a prospective vision of their industry, in order to accompany their international development.”



To be adaptable, is to take full advantage of market opportunities by anticipating the accompaniment needs of our companies and reinforcing our internal and external expertise.

Internationalization, the digital shift and the collaborative economy have a direct impact on our business model and that of our investments. Over and above our financial expertise, we have to develop an in-depth understanding of our ecosystems and hone our intelligence. Indeed, the entrepreneurs that solicit Eurazeo PME are not simply seeking financial support to achieve their long-term growth projects, but above all a team of audacious, committed, stimulating and enthusiastic experts to assist them with the to master of these new disruptive models. As we manage risk, we must prepare our companies for a triple challenge: combining flexibility, innovation and collective ability; reconciling economic performance and value sharing over the medium and long term; mobilizing the values that are commitment, cooperation and trust. Thanks to the Eurazeo teams, we have reinforced some of our expertise regarding legal, digital, corporate social responsibility, human resources and communications functions.

We also rely on Eurazeo’s international network to help our companies with their international expansion. 



To be responsible, is to be a mid and long-term shareholder that participates in the creation of permanent value for all.

Our CSR strategy, defined jointly with Eurazeo’s CSR Department, has four focal points: invest responsibly, establish exemplary governance, create sustainable value and be a vector of change in society. We roll out this road map, together with a 2020 progress plan, within each of our portfolio companies and encourage the exchange of best practices. The accompaniment of investments is as much strategic as it is practical, with the creation of dedicated committees, the preparation of diagnostics, CSR reporting and carbon assessments, and the sharing of information between the portfolio companies.

Eurazeo PME is leading the way in CSR

The first private equity player in France to sign the UN Principles for Responsible Investment in 2009, Eurazeo PME has pledged to include non-financial criteria in its investment strategy and management.

Eurazeo PME has also contributed to the sustainable development club of the Association Française des Investisseurs pour la Croissance. The association’s primary objective is to facilitate exchanges between its members regarding best CSR practices.

As part of its ongoing commitment, the team within Eurazeo PME is significantly involved in the fight against climate change. Under the 2020 Carbon Initiative signed in 2015, it will gradually publish the carbon footprint of all its investments.