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Last update :05 / 05 / 2017

Being a long-term responsible shareholder,
our 10-year commitment

As a professional, long-term shareholder, responsible investor, and partner in their development, Eurazeo PME provides French SMEs with all the financial, human and organizational resources to help them move to the next growth level and create sustainable value.

Since 2006, Eurazeo PME has invested in companies valued at between €50 million and €200 million with profiles combining a recognized market positioning and strong management ambition, particularly with regard to international growth. Our approach to investing and monetizing businesses is not based on a short-term speculative outlook, but is tailored to their growth cycle.

A Eurazeo subsidiary since 2011, we have extensive financial and human resources to accompany SMEs, selected according to stringent investment criteria. Our flexible financial approach is based on the capital we commit and a level of debt adapted to the company’s liquidity and investment requirements.


The results of the last 10 years illustrate the resilience of our business model, which is based on three major activities: attract capital, be a majority shareholder and share the value created. The business is supported by corporate activities.


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A long-term accompaniment to leverage their value

Eurazeo PME works closely with the management of each of its holdings to support them in their transformation projects, find new sources of innovation and complete bold international growth transactions. In 2015, Eurazeo PME was the shareholder of 9 companies, all solidly positioned in their markets, with whom it shares the goal of accelerating their transformation.

Our expertise contributes to rationalizing the decisions of managers and limiting the risks undertaken by the company. We assume our responsibility as a long-term shareholder by reinjecting capital into defining transactions. Once these transactions are completed, we work with management to embark on a new growth phase or hand over the reins to other shareholders, selected for their ability to inject new momentum into the company.

identité Eurapzeo PME UK

CSR at the heart of permanent value creation

A forerunner of the approach in France and an active promoter of the importance of these issues in terms of investing for growth, Eurazeo PME acts as a driving force in the market. Backed by technical expertise and experience in the field, Eurazeo PME has transformed the integration of non-financial criteria into a veritable tool for investment, interaction with management and development of its investments.

Thanks to the feedback received over seven years, CSR is now a part of each phase of the business model. At the time of an acquisition, CSR issues are covered beginning with the letter of interest, and on divestment, the CSR assessment is valued through specific vendor due diligences. Between these two moments, the accompaniment of investments is as strategic as it is concrete, with the assistance of the Eurazeo CSR team.