Our organisation

Last update :18 / 01 / 2019



An experienced team at the heart of a community of experts

Eurazeo PME has assembled a team of 19 professionals boasting complementary state-of-the-art expertise, with in-depth knowledge of the French SME environment and extensive management and private equity know-how.

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A community united through common values

We develop their competencies by offering them a passionate vision of the world we seek to build, while continually promoting a responsible investment culture.

In 2017, we continued to roll out a series of programs designed to encourage knowledge sharing between the investment teams. Two main issues were digitization and digital disruption.

Our team and our investments bene t from the active support of Eurazeo’s corporate skills.




Our governance : foster diversity in our decision-making bodies

In 2017, to maintain the professional nature of our governance bodies, 2 associate directors were promoted members of theExecutive Board and 6 additional employees joined the governance bodies.

This new organization bolsters our current governance, which comprises an Executive Board with operational functions and a Supervisory Board with control functions.

The aim is to maintain efficient, independent and balanced decision-making, with a combination of risk management and entrepreneurial boldness.


The Supervisory Board comprises six members, including two independent members and two non-voting members.

The regulations governing a portfolio management company authorized by the AMF

Eurazeo PME has the status of a portfolio management company; it manages the OFIPEC I, OFIPEC II, Eurazeo PME IIA, Eurazeo PME IIB and Eurazeo PME Co-invest private equity funds. Under authorization obtained from the AMF, it pledges to comply with a certain number of management standards and is bound to respect the rules of good conduct. The internal control and ethics principles are precisely worded and regularly verified. Specifically, prior to any investment or divestment exceeding €0.5 million, Eurazeo PME must consult its five-member Investment Advisory Committee.