Eurazeo PME

Last update :27 / 10 / 2016

Eurazeo PME invests in high-performing and ambitious small and medium-sized enterprises with an enterprise value of less than €150/200 million, that are market leaders and that have significant ability to enhance the value of growth transactions. It assists management with their progress and growth approaches and with their development projects in France and abroad.

Olivier Millet Chairman of the Executive Board

Olivier Millet – Chairman of the Eurazeo PME Executive Board

“Our challenge is to assist small and medium-sized French companies with their internal and external growth projects and to help them expand internationally to become global mid-caps. We target established companies with a certain level of repeat business. Through almost daily discussions, we help them set-up organizational structures, implement new processes and meet their non-financial challenges, in order to ensure their long-term success.”