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Last update :09 / 10 / 2018


Eurazeo PME actively promotes the integration of ESG issues in the private equity market. With the benefit of seven years of experience, Eurazeo PME has now fully industrialised its processes of integrating CSR in all stages of its activity: acquisition, follow-up and divestment.

With its technical expertise and field experience in rolling out its strategy, Eurazeo PME has made extra-financial criteria into a real tool of analysis, of interaction with management, and of the development of its portfolio companies.

As a pioneer of this approach in France and as an active promoter of addressing CSR challenges in the business of growth investing, Eurazeo PME is a leader on the market that is acknowledged by its peers.

In 2015, Eurazeo PME reasserts its market leadership and continues CSR integration at the very heart of its model, whose aim is linking economic, social, societal and environmental variables, by disclosing its first integrated report.

Eurazeo PME thus becomes the first company in the private equity sphere, and among the pioneers in France, to adopt integrated reporting.

integrated report 2017






PRI_mediumIn 2009, Eurazeo PME signed the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) of the United Nations, confirming the ambition to integrate extra-financial criteria in its portfolio management, investment strategy, and in the portfolio companies.

Consult the latest Eurazeo PME’s RI Transparency report

The most notable example of Eurazeo PME’s commitment into the promotion of CSR in the private equity market is its key role within France Invest (French Association of Investors for Growth).

Olivier Millet, Chairman of the Executive Board of Eurazeo PME, significantly contributed to the creation in 2009 of the Sustainable Development Club of France Invest, replaced by the ESG Commission (Environment, Social and Governance) in 2013. Olivier Millet was Chairman of this ESG Commission until 2015

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Global-compact_smallIn 2014, Eurazeo PME signed the United Nations Global Compact, supporting the ten principles on human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption.

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Consult Eurazeo PME’s Letter of Commitment

Eurazeo PME is also highly involved in different initiatives and/or finance sector gatherings, especially for private equity sphere, as events organized by Private Equity International (PEI) or the European private equity and Venture Capital Association (EVCA).


PEmag_smallIn 2010, Eurazeo PME’s CSR measures was awarded by the jury of thePrivate Equity Magazine, who gave it the “Sustainable Development” price.

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Swen_smallRecently, Eurazeo PME was awarded winner of the category “Private Equity, out of portfolio” of the ESG Best Practices Honours (BPH) 2015by Swen Capital Partners.

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