Eurazeo PME, a CSR pioneer

Last update :22 / 02 / 2018

For seven years, Eurazeo PME has been formalizing and strengthening its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), within a continuous progress approach, both in terms of internal processes and of external projection in the private-equity market.

2008 represents a groundbreaking year, with the creation of a Sustainable Development Division and a dedicated CSR team, followed by the disclosure of the first Sustainable Development report in the following year.

Eurazeo PME’s innovative approach is also embodied by the leading role of Olivier Millet, Chairman of the Executive Board of Eurazeo PME, in the foundation in 2009 of the AFIC’s (Association Française des Investisseurs pour la Croissance – French Association of Investors for Growth) Sustainable Development Club, which was replaced by the ESG Commission (Environment, Social and Governance) in 2013. Olivier Millet is currently Chairman of this ESG Commission, and Vice-Chairmen of the AFIC’s Board of Directors.

2014 marked a new phase in Eurazeo PME’s achievements and ambitions in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility, with the definition of a strategy structured in 4 axes: Invest responsibly, Establish exemplary governance, Create sustainable value, and Be a vector of change in society. This strategy also incorporates ambitious quantitative targets for 2020, whose progress will be annually disclosed.


In 2015, Eurazeo PME continues the integration of CSR issues into the very heart of its model, with the aim of linking economic, social, societal and environmental variables, by launching its first integrated report. The first of its kind in the private equity sector, and among the pioneers in France, the publication of this integrated report marks the beginning of a major new phase.

Eurazeo PME’s ambition is to communicate transparently on the approach of integrating CSR into the heart of its business model and to provide a comprehensive overview of the company’s financial and non-financial performance. This report provides insight into Eurazeo PME’s vision and the challenges it faces. It enables an understanding of its strategy and the resources made available to prepare its own future and that of its portfolio companies.

The aim is to progress and help its investments progress. To this end, the integrated reporting approach and the methodology framework published by the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) offer sources of inspiration and innovation.

With this integrated reporting, Eurazeo PME seeks to provide a holistic view of its business and its portfolio companies. This new framework invites stakeholders to share their comments, as part of an ongoing progress approach.

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