Non-Financial Reporting

Last update :19 / 10 / 2017


As a listed company, Eurazeo is required by the French Grenelle II law to provide consolidated CSR reporting, including all its subsidiaries across 100% of its consolidated financial scope. Grenelle II regulation also requires a verification of CSR information by an independent third party.

As a subsidiary of Eurazeo, Eurazeo PME’s CSR reporting thus responds to the regulatory obligation to which Eurazeo PME and all its majority-owned portfolio companies are subject to, in the Eurazeo’s scope of application.  


Beyond regulatory obligations of French Grenelle II law, CSR reporting is part of its overall CSR approach and enables Eurazeo PME to measure performance and progress achieved by its portfolio companies, but also its owns improvements, on CSR criteria (Environment, Social and Governance).

Thanks to a set of quantitative and qualitative indicators, CSR reporting provides a complete vision of the portfolio performance, and reveal strengths and improvement areas for each company.

On the basis of the CSR reporting results, Eurazeo PME supports each portfolio company in a plan of CSR progress, all along the retention phase. These CSR progress plans are the basis for the achievement of 2020 objectives, as defined by the CSR strategy.