Third Party Verification

Last update :18 / 05 / 2018

As every year, Eurazeo has its processes for consolidating extra-financial information checked by an independent third party. Consolidation processes have been facilitated by the installation of an ad hoc IT tool for compiling and consolidating information.

As Eurazeo PME and its entire portfolio are included in the Eurazeo’s scope of application, a few companies of Eurazeo PME’s portfolio is thus included every year in the verification process done by the independent third party.

PWC_mediumRead the Report of one of the statutory auditors designated as a third-party independent body to audit social, environmental and societal information.

After its check, PWC issued Eurazeo PME an affidavit showing a moderate assurance of the consolidation process and CSR information establishment. This conclusion is in line with the average standard for checking CSR information, particularly from companies subject to regulatory reporting under Article 225 of French Grenelle II law.