Be a vector of change in society

Last update :08 / 09 / 2017

Beyond their production of goods or services, and their economic, environmental and social footprints, companies make an important contribution to society.

The societal footprint is often seen in a reductive light, confined to philanthropy, financial support for associations and institutions, and dialogue with stakeholders.

Eurazeo PME wishes to present a broader vision of its societal footprint to showcase the many different kinds of contributions that companies make to their ecosystem, including the value they create for civil society, in the light of its impacts on ecosystems.

For this, three specific objectives were selected to measure the progress of portfolio companies:

  • by measuring the number of companies whose employees have access to social insurance and/or companies that have reduced the number of days of absence, Eurazeo PME wants toi mprove the protection and well-being of employees in 100% of portfolio companies by 2020.
  • by collecting the number of companies with employee shareholders and/or companies that have implemented a profit-sharing scheme, Eurazeo PME aims to share value created or company profits with employees in all portfolio companies.
  • finally, Eurazeo PME targets a reduction of environmental impacts in its whole portfolio, through the analysis of the ratio carbon emissions/EBITDA, the ratio water consumption/EBITDA and the recycling rates.