Create sustainable value

Last update :22 / 05 / 2018

To facilitate the implementation of a pragmatic and value-creating CSR approach, Eurazeo PME has laid down a CSR roadmapmade available to all its investments.

The aim is to see it deployed by all of them by 2020.


This roadmap has three major objectives for 2020:

  • provide a solid CSR foundation: 100% of portfolio companies to have deployed Eurazeo’s “CSR essentials”.A company is deemed to have deployed the “CSR essentials” when all seven actions defined by Eurazeo PME are in place.
  • identify the challenges and opportunities of sustainable performance: 100% of portfolio companies to have quantified CSR progress targets.
  • accelerate and maintain sustainable value creation: 100% of portfolio companies to be involved in at least one CSR acceleration program.



With the aim of integrating CSR within the activities of portfolio companies, Eurazeo PME launched several thematic programs in 2014, aimed at promoting the sharing of expertise and best practices, and thereby accelerating the roll-out of improvement plans:

  • responsible purchasing: purchasing is an area of progress, and also one of significant vulnerability for companies, which need to establish mechanisms to ensure that their supplies are responsibly sourced in human and environmental terms.
  • gender equality: firmly believing that gender equality is a performance factor for companies, Eurazeo PME launched Eurazeo Pluriels in October 2014, an internal network designed to promote and advance gender equality. This network especially enables Eurazeo PME to be a partner of the Women’s Forum for the Economy and Society and join the Financi’Elles network.
  • environmental footprint: Eurazeo encourages portfolio companies to perform assessments of their organization’s environmental footprint, in particular through life cycle analyses of activities and products.

Measuring avoided impacts

To value the impact of social and environmental actions and demonstrate that the implementation of CSR policies is a performance and value creation lever for companies, Eurazeo PME – with the support of Eurazeo – has drawn up a methodology to assess avoided impacts and their financial repercussions in association with a specialized firm.

Three companies participated in the first assessment, and two others joined the approach to measure avoided impacts: Groupe Colisée, Dessange International, Léon de Bruxelles, Péters Surgical and Vignal Lighting Group. Four indicators were measured, three relating to environmental issues (water, energy, fuel), and a fourth bearing on the social aspect (absenteeism).

A proactive CSR policy quickly leads to financial profits

Social and environmental initiatives also help to reduce costs within our investments. Gauged for the rst time in 2016, these measures helped to avoid costs of €486,000 this year.

This year, the scope was extended to include Redspher, (formerly Flash Group).

For greater readability, we have retained the same indicators: three covering the environment (water, energy, fuel) and one covering employees (absenteeism).

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