Establish exemplary governance

Last update :19 / 10 / 2017

As a responsible shareholder, convinced of the key role to play in the acceleration of company transformation, Eurazeo PME firmly believes that quality of governance is a crucial factor in the performance and sustainability of companies.

Eurazeo PME places considerable importance onshareholder and operating governance, and thus actively supports the development of its investments in these fields.

This assistance to portfolio companies, in close conjunction with managers, results in the structuring of high-quality governance bodies adapted to transformations: creation of full Supervisory Boards and Executive Boards, promotion of the diversity of these bodies, introduction of independent members on the Boards bringing expertise and challenging management, assistance with the recruitment of expert managers, … Within portfolio companies, the CSR progress plan especially integrates the inclusion of CSR issues on the agenda of meetings of the Supervisory Board or the Board of Directors at least once a year.


These measures taken by Eurazeo PME illustrate its determination to adopt best practices in terms of transparency and independence, and to go beyond regulatory requirements.

Eurazeo PME also places great importance on establishing exemplary governance practices in its own boards. A listed company until 2011, a management company approved by the AMF, (the French Financial Markets Authority) and a subsidiary of Eurazeo, a listed investment company, Eurazeo PME enjoys a particularly solid organizational structure guaranteeing the quality of decision-making and control processes as well as a high level of transparency, compliance and ethics. In this spirit, Eurazeo PME has opted for acorporate structure with anExecutive Board and a Supervisory Board, enabling a clear separation of management and control bodies.


The application of best practice in terms of ethics is a commitment under Eurazeo PME’s responsible shareholder policy. It is part of a process aimed at developing a robust and exemplary governance model.


In this context, Eurazeo has established in 2015 a Code of Ethics, signed by all employees. The Code of Ethics includes commitments with respect to its employees, but also with respect to its trading partners, shareholders and portfolio companies. The Code includes commitments on support and respect for human rights (including respect for individuals, respect for private life) and business ethics (declaration of conflicts of interest, political and charitable activities, lobbying, fight against corruption and money laundering, etc.). It also prohibits any form of discrimination based on gender, age, origin, religion, sexual orientation, physical appearance, health status, trade union membership or the disabled.

The Code of Ethics also helps identify the different issues and situations which employees and stakeholders may face and indicating the procedure to follow and who to contact.