Invest responsibly

Last update :08 / 09 / 2017

At the heart of Eurazeo PME’s value creation model, CSR is integrated into the entire investment cycle.

During the investment opportunity identification phase, an analysis handbook, internally developed, is used for     the conduct of CSR due diligences since 2013.

In 2014, Eurazeo PME carried out CSR due diligences for 100% of acquisitions in advanced study phase.

During the acceleration phase, the follow-up of achievements and progress made in the field of CSR was made reliable thanks to the deployment of a reporting system, already used by 7 companies of the portfolio. The CSR reporting results of each company are given to their management teams and diverse boards, on the basis of which are established plans of progress and quantitative targets. Eurazeo PME also initiated CSR awareness sessions for its portfolio companies.


Finally, during the exit phase, Eurazeo PME includes CSR in its appraisals, bearing witness to the progress achieved over the investment period.In 2014, a CSR vendor due diligence was realized for the Gault & Frémont divestment: this analysis highlights the progress achieved by the company since its acquisition by Eurazeo PME.