Strategy and 2020 objectives

Last update :22 / 05 / 2018

2014 marked a new phase in Eurazeo PME’s achievements and ambitions in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility, with the definition of astrategy which incorporates quantitative targets for 2020.



The four-part CSR strategy integrates ambitions for each step of the investment cycle:

  1. Invest responsibly. Ambition: CSR is integrated into every stage of the investment process.
  2. Establish exemplary governance. Ambition: all companies have exemplary governance bodies.
  3. Create sustainable value. Ambition: all companies have a CSR progress plan.
  4. Be a vector of change in society. Ambition: all companies improve their social footprint.


The strategy includes a CSR roadmap (as third part) distributed to investments to be adapted to their specific structures and sectors, in order to facilitate the implementation of CSR into their activities. This CSR roadmap provides an operational frame of references for the companies in the portfolio. The aim is to see it implemented in all companies by 2020.

Each of the 4 pillars of the CSR strategy owns ambitious quantitative targets by 2020, which reflect Eurazeo PME’s commitment to patient capitalism which takes a long-term view of a company’s development.


The CSR strategy was specifically designed to meet the challenges of Eurazeo PME’s core business, that of being a professional, committed and responsible shareholder. It reflects our belief that sustainable development and value creation go hand-in-hand.

Commitments taken for 2020 embody this ambition aimed at combining value enhancement and responsibility throughout the investment cycle.

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non-financial information