Founded in 1982, Fondis-Bioritech is the French leader in the market for portable equipment designed for environmental and materials analysis, and property assessment


The company distributes and maintains scientific instruments and provides technical assistance. The relevant sectors include environmental analysis and inspection, property assessment, metals, industry, microscopy, research, laboratories, and materials.

In 2013, following the success of its new lead paint analyzer, Fondis went from being a distributor to a veritable distributed brand partner. Furthermore, the strategic and financial assistance provided by Eurazeo PME enabled Fondis to transform itself into a multi-product business and study a possible international expansion.

In 2015, as the group had operated in the building sector for over 15 years, the Fondis Bioritech teams were able to identify the needs of property assessors. FEnx, the leading lead paint analyzer manufactured in France, was the end result of this approach.

Fondis bioritech is “the Solution to your measurement needs”

Our strategy is to propose complete solutions that optimize instrument usage: advice, training, software development, application development specific to our client businesses, financial leasing, maintenance and after-sales service contracts.

We are constantly seeking innovative, reliable and affordable instruments. One of our main strategic focal points is to remove instruments from the laboratory and entrust them to an on-site line manager (factory or outdoors): thus the client gains in responsiveness, measurement completeness and analysis cost.

Today, our group is also developing internationally (Benelux, Spain, Maghreb) and recruiting new talents.