Last update :30 / 03 / 2020
Last update :30 / 03 / 2020
Last update :30 / 03 / 2020

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Orolia is a world leader in reliable GPS-type signals, enabling the proper functioning of the most critical positioning, navigation, timing, and synchronization solutions. It provides these technologies to public or private customers, whose systems and infrastructures demand the highest levels of precision, quality and availability. Since its creation in 2006, and through nine acquisitions, the company has already strengthened its international presence (locations in the USA, UK, Switzerland, etc.).

The company also benefits from a strong positioning in most of the niche segments where it is active, particularly in high-precision time measurement with its expertise in atomic clocks, time servers and synchronization systems which benefit from the acceleration of data exchanges (datacenters, stock markets, etc.).

Among its positioning control activities, the company is also recognized under its brand McMurdo as the world leader in satellite search and rescue, a sector that covers most of the value chain, from distress beacons (civil aviation, maritime fleets, individual or military organizations) to rescue coordination centers.

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In order to improve working condition and to prevent arduous working conditions, in particular to detect the risks of work-related strain, Orolia France develops actions with the Hygiene, Safety and Working Conditions Committee and carries out improvement activities within the company. The Guidel site (in Brittany, France) has also set up teleworking to allow a better association between private and professional life, and initiatives regarding end-of-career planning and transition between work and retirement.