2014-2020 CSR strategy results

Last update :22 / 07 / 2020

As a committed company, the Eurazeo Group formulated a four-part CSR strategy in 2014, with quantitative targets for late 2019. Being transparent, Eurazeo publishes its results annually after having them audited by one of its statutory auditors, as independent third party.

2019 is a key stage, with the 5-year responsibility review. The impacts of the Eurazeo Group CSR programs are substantial: over one million

metric tons of CO2 reduced (i.e. the equivalent of the annual emissions of 116,000 Europeans), 471,000 hours of absences reduced (i.e. the equivalent of 243 full-time employees) and €243 million of expenses reduced.

They prove that it is possible to combine economic, social and environmental performance. They also demonstrate the key role that an investment company can play in combating climate change and the emergence of a socially fairer society.