2020-2030: new CSR strategy

Last update :24 / 06 / 2020

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) creates value for Eurazeo Group companies, and it is key to a company’s transformation and sustainable growth.

The Eurazeo Group believes that the implementation of a CSR approach is an integral part of its role as a responsible shareholder. Since 2008, the CSR commitment is enhanced by integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria into investment activity.

Objectif : zéro émission nette d’ici 2040.

2020 marks a new chapter in the Group’s quest to combat climate change and accelerate the emergence of a low carbon economy. Eurazeo aims to align its activities with a scenario limiting global warming to below the 2°C threshold and has set an ambitious target of zero net emissions by 2040.

This objective will be met by:

reducing the emissions of its value chain aligned with scenarios below the 2°C threshold,

adopting solutions designed to capture an equivalent volume of residual greenhouse gas emissions.

These objectives will be rolled out in adapted ways for Eurazeo’s specific activities and its investments. Furthermore, due to the diverse investment strategies, the reduction trajectory will be adapted insofar as the levers of action differ.

Eurazeo will submit its objectives for validation to the Science-Based Targets initiative and will publish its detailed information in 2020.

These strategies will be the cornerstone of Eurazeo’s responsibility policy and its ESG (environmental/social/governance) commitments for the period 2020-2030.